Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things Inside My Mommy Bag


Forgive me, but I cannot help but do a follow-up post, because I also cannot help but notice some mommies or ate's carry such a putok na putok mommy bag.  Before I proceed, when I say ate, I refer to baby caregivers.  I am having a hard time calling my baby's caregiver yaya and I am much more comfortable with ate, so let it be please.

My little man is already 17 months old.  He started going out with us when he was still two to three months old.  During those fragile times, I also would bring tons of baby needs with me.  I stuff it all to my poor mommy bag, which I must say did a great job of accommodating them all.  I brought with me five feeding bottles with water, milk container, tons of bibs, mittens and booties, cap, extra clothing, baby blanket to keep him warm inside the mall, changing mat, three to four diapers, wet and dry tissue, and an alcohol.  Did I forget anything? These things, even if tiny, can cause terrible back pain once they decide to group themselves in the mommy bag.  And often times, I end up not using majority of what I brought.  So I learned my lesson and did what I had to do:  bring only the stuff that the baby needs.  How did I do it? I memorized by heart his poop and feeding sched, plus I considered the number of hours we will be out of the house.  I also calculated how many clothes he will be needing in the given amount of time outside our home.  Given that equation, I learned the exact number of things he will be needing and so, I was able to trim them down.

Now that he is already a bit bigger and is very active, my mommy bag is getting lighter and lighter.  Since he is already given solids, feeding bottle is reduced to two. We also go out after he pooped so there's no need to bring tons of diapers anymore.  I also do not bring him that much extra clothing, but since he terribly enjoys walking and sometimes gets really sweaty despite in an airconditioned mall, there are some extras always ready in the car.  Bibs are now transformed into face towels with fine fabric and that should always be present, along with wet and dry tissue, and alcohol.  Booties, mittens, caps, and blankets are obviously not needed anymore.  Even our stoller is not needed anymore, thank God!

I hope other mommies like me were also able to trim down the baby stuff they carry along so they can fully enjoy the baby and the shopping without the hassle of a fat mommy bag and a back pain.

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