Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wearing My Hubby's Shirt Is Bad For Me


Last night, I chose to wear my husband's shirt as my sleepwear.  He's about to hand it down to someone and I stopped him because when I felt it, it's so thin already due to years of use and that's exactly what I wanted for a "dress down" night (my husband does not like the idea of me wearing lousy sleepwear).  He was already asleep when I stepped out of the shower, which is a good thing, so he won't be able to see me wearing the lousy, old shirt.

When I woke up this morning, he had the sweetest words for me-- okay naman pala yung t-shirt sa yo e, hindi malaki tingnan.  Which for me translates to:  hindi naman pala gano kalaki tingnan yung t-shirt sa 'yo kasi malaki ka rin naman.  Okay, yung malaki means mataba

I gave him the face, and he knew he said something wrong.  Maybe it was really nothing for him.  He meant no harm.  Maybe since it's still early in the morning, his still snoring mind was not able to process the fact that girls (ladies) do not like to be noticed of their figure, unless it is something that spells s-e-x-y.   But if it is something that spells f-a-t,  oh no, here comes WW3!

So, wearing his shirt is not a good idea at all even if it is the most comfy shirt I have ever worn.  And because of that honest comment, I am having a hard time concentrating on my work today.  ;(

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  1. naku sis, don't worry about it. I figured that some men really just go for their wives bod - thin or fat, they both look sexy to them.

  2. I don't think he meant it that way. He just sensed mali ang nasabi nya when you gave him the face. Maybe what he meant is that the shirt fits you well. Guys doesn't know it but they find it sexy when we wear their shirts.

  3. wearing a man's shirt is so cute! i think he mean what he said as it is - it looks good on you. =)

  4. I guess he really meant no harm when he said it, maybe I was really just that paranoid with my growing bod. Thanks my sisses for the comforting words. *hugs* :)


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