Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maggie Wilson's Prenup Video


When I checked on FB last night, one of my friends posted Maggie Wilson's prenuptial video.  For those who are naive of what prenup thingie is all about, this is a photo or video to be taken BEFORE the wedding, hence the prefix "pre".  In my case five years ago, prenup photos were the craze.  Now, prenup video is the "in" thing. Back to Maggie's video, when I saw it, I initially thought maybe this is something Jason Magbanua did to advertise his name.  Jason Magbanua, by the way, is the most sought after videographer in the country.  Those in the know, know.  It has to be Jason Magbanua, or either change the wedding schedule to fit in Jason's availability.  So back to what I am saying, when I saw it, I thought it was Magbanua's advertisement until the video ended and flashed Maggie and Victor's name plus the date of the wedding. It was indeed a prenup video.

The video is NO DOUBT fantastic.  Jason Magbanua ba naman, hello?  What more can I say?  But then again I thought, that's supposed to be a prenup video, right?  Then why it appeared to me as a honeymoon video?  Yep, it looked like that, in my opinion.  There was this scene where Maggie and Victor went to the car, Maggie wearing seductive net stockings and sexy top, and upon reaching the car, removed her shorts and Victor and she kissed passionately--or should I say torridly?  And majority of the scenes are rich of touching here and there, kissing passionately, you get the rest.

I am not being hypocrite. We all know that now a days, THINGS happen before marriage, or even without plans of getting married, these THINGS happen (if you know what " things" in my statement really means).  But to have these scenes on a prenup?  I don't think so.  Maybe not for me.  And I believe not for the majority of us who live in the Philippines where majority is Catholic.  With morals dwindling, this kind of prenup video is not a good idea.

Just my two cents, okay?  Just my two cents.

And, oh, if there's something I really like in this steamy vid, it must be the the white car and the ring. :)

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  1. The video is actually confusing for me. There are parts that I like (underwater scene) though. But it's pretty awkward for a prenup video. I don't believe the concept would come from Jason.

  2. It certainly is sensual and I don't think I could have the courage for a prenup vid with that theme, specially if my friends and family will be able to watch it afterwards.

  3. I haven't seen that video. Why too sexy?

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  4. correct me if I'm wrong pero di ba ang pre nup videos pinalalabas sa reception? just imagine the discomfort of the "conservative" guests :) I like prenup videos that are kwela or endearing... but this one is just out there :) Parang commercial ng pabango for seduction heheh! maganda pagkakagawa kung sa maganda... pero not really appropriate for a traditional wedding :)

  5. sisses, my thoughts exactly! yun nga din naisip ko nung una, parang ads ng kung anong product lang siguro sya. plus, i haven't heard any news about maggie getting married, so i really thought this must be one of Magbanua's ads, or baka may nagpagawa sa kanya ng commercial. basta i never thought it's a prenup until the couple's name and the date of the wedding.

    yes, prenup vids are shown during the reception. either that or same-edit-vids. but since they're not that conservative naman, the guests must be the same, i suppose, so to show that steamy prenup vid is very casual nalang siguro for them.

    added factor pa siguro yung hindi naman talaga sila pure pinoys, so siguro they do not have this conservative side. most likely also, their guests are foreigners.

    and even if they say that filipinos are not that conservative anymore, i believe hindi naman natin ipapakita sa video ang mga eksenang ganyan especially during the wedding.

  6. let's just respect what they want. yun yung gusto nila for their prenup eh. people behind the camera just executed their vision. like it or not, it's still their wedding, their video, nakikinood lang tayo. :) peace!

  7. let's just respect what THEY want. yun yung gusto nila for their prenup eh. people behind the camera just executed their vision. like it or not, it's still their wedding, their video, nakikinood lang po tayo. :D peace!

  8. no need to say "peace" sis Marie Cris... everybody is entitled to their own opinion naman. i love watching the vid, too. they look good together. as what i have reiterated in my blog, my post is my two cents. we react differently, we have different opinions, we have different tastes. :)

  9. It was a great video, although after reading the other comments, I just realized... what about the flower girls and the ring bearer? Haha.

    @Carol - You said: "I don't believe the concept would come from Jason." >>> Can be the couple's concept. :)

  10. The concept doesn't sit well with me, especially because I'm more of a conservative. But I guess, Maggie Wilson wasn't raised like a conservative Filipina, so it wasn't an issue with her. And neither with her family and friends who probably know her "preference". Whatever floats her boat :)

  11. i've just seen the video. wow! doesn't look like the typical quirky and "fun" prenup video. it won't work for me but hey, different strokes for different folks.


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