Sunday, December 19, 2010

Yummy Christmas and a Helping Hand by Hunt's

Last monday when I was in the supermarket, a lady handed me a leaflet of Hunt's.  You see, I really do not like getting brochure or leaflets because it will just add to our already cluttered pad, unless what's in there really interests me.  But why did I get this Hunt's leaflet, and as if it's not enough, I cut a portion of a scotch tape and taped this thing in the laptop so I could not forget what's written there.  The photo above says it all.  By being a part of their fan page, there is something for the kids that need to feel how it is to have a merry Christmas.  Isn't that great?! By simply "liking" Hunt's page, you have done a very noble act of helping kids at Asociacion de Damas Filipinas celebrate Christmas with delicious treats from Hunt's!

Christmas too soon, I hope this post is not yet late to invite everyone to "like" Hunt's page.  So gather your FB friends and let's all make this happen.  Please go to Hunt's Facebook page  and let's all be a part of this cause.


  1. ay ang yummy nga heheh! sis ang gwapo ng poster boy, sino siya? LOL! I already "liked" the page since it's for a good cause naman.

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  3. haha! handsome noh? sya ata ang chef/endorser ng hunt's sis. thanks for the "like". please invite your friends pa!

  4. Will be Liking the page, too. Merry Christmas!


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