Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas sentiments


Just how fast could that be?!    Never-ending celebrations, reunions, parties, done.  Endless shopping for oneself as a reward for a whole year of hard work, pressure, and abuse; gift-shopping for friends, families, inaanaks, and people that matter, done.  The most anticipated times of the year that allow us to spend our bonuses up to the its tiniest value, done.  Christmas, done.  New year's eve, done.  Which makes me wonder, why on earth it ends in a jiffy, as fast as a bullet train that no mortal can stop on its tracks?  I woke up one day, merry and gay for it was already Christmas day, and all of a sudden I found myself watching fireworks in the brightened skies to welcome the new year.  That fast.

I know for a fact that I am not doing solo on my sentiments. We Filipinos start the holidays as the first -ber month steps in, which common sense dictates, is September.  We go gaga buying Christmas decors to add to the existing ones.  Honestly, we cannot get over with decors, do you agree?  Even if we own a bunch already, it looks "not enough" in our eyes,  and so buying few pieces more each year adds spice to the anticipation of the big event.  We spent sleepless nights planning what gifts to give our loved ones, how much aguinaldo shall our inaanaks receive this year, what would be on the table come noche buena and media noche, what and who will bring this and that food on Christmas day and New Year's eve gathering, wrapping all well-thought-of  gifts elegantly and immaculately, so on and so forth.  Budgeting for all these also adds fun to the already exciting planning for that most wonderful time of the year.  Though, even if it starts on a September, there seems to be something pulling it close to December, so fast that people from all walks of life have no choice but to do last-minute planning and shopping.  Main roads and malls during the holidays are impossible.  Yet people do not mind.  This is how we are.  This is how Filipinos are.  We love Christmas, we love New year, and we endure-- as much as we enjoy-- everything that comes with it.  No matter how tedious, no matter how it crashes our savings, no matter how and what, this is one thing we love.  We give up sleep to attend endless parties just to see once again our friends that we seldom see, we give up silent nights in the comforts of our own homes to go to reunions and have long chats with our families and relatives, we give up money and savings to give gifts to the ones especially in need.  We give up all these, and more, for Christmas.  For this is what our hearts desire.  This is what makes it satisfied.  The smiles, the laughs, the hugs, the wishes.   And we look forward to it, each and every year.

Christmas, done.  New year's eve, done.  Now I can put my credit and debit card to rest.

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