Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Feverish little man


I am beginning to wonder if fate would not allow us to go this much awaited trip.  On Friday, I will be facing another adventure with my little man and my big man.  We will be going to Boracay!! And not only that, the main reason of our trip is the Kimpo grand reunion that happens every three years (it used to be every four years, I heard) that happens in Kalibo, Aklan just in time for the ati-atihan festival.  That means airplane ride, baby!! And that would be my little man's first airplane ride!  I am so excited, yet so anxious.  I am not so sure of what my little man's reaction to the ride would be.  This early, I have butterflies in my stomach already.  But what the heck, my little man has a fever for two days already.  Talk about spoiling the trip!  Hey, we already have tickets, so please fever, go away!!

As a mom, I cannot stand not to be with him on times like this.  One advantage of working for the family business and with parents as bosses is that I can easily go home without much explanation needed.  Their apo has a fever and they are the ones pushing me to go home, so it's really that easy.  When I learned thru the caregiver's text that Migo has a temperature of 38.5, I hurriedly went to the drugstore that's just infront of my office and bought the things I will be needing to get rid of the fever--paracetamol drops, Calpol in particular, and Kool Fever.  These two never fails to vanish the fever in a snap.  However, this time, my little man's fever keeps on bugging us.  His temperature is between 38.5 and 39.5 despite paracetamol and Kool Fever.  Now this is really making me frustrated.  It's Wednesday already and I hope it goes away tomorrow so we can make it to Friday's trip.  I am crossing my fingers!!

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