Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day the simple way

June 19, 2011 - Father's day.  I woke up with the fear of having another Ondoy.  Talk about being paranoid of the heavy rains since that traumatic episode in Philippine history, I could not help but wonder where the heavy rain that woke me up in the early morning would lead us.  Aside from birthdays and anniversaries, this was supposedly one of the most awaited days of the men of our lives and I was afraid the angry skies will ruin it all.  With its solid raindrops with equally heavy wind, I was ready to announce the bad news to my hubby.  That despite his special day, we might settle and stay at home.

Holiday naman, you considering going out tomorrow instead? I asked him.  He just gave me a disagreeing look.  Okay, I got the answer loud and clear even literally he did not even move his lips.  So the three of us got dressed, with umbrellas and jackets as weapons, and off we go.

We were a bit hungry already when we arrived at the mall.  Worse, parking was full for obvious reasons.  So imagine how starving we were when we stepped inside the restaurant we picked.  Burgoo had a great buy- one-take-one-for-free offer so we grabbed that.  Burgoo's palatable dishes were  to die for, so the promo was definitely a steal.  Plus, almost every table took advantage of the offer.  Who would not?  The entree with the higher price will be billed, and the lower one was the free item. That offer was really cool!  While waiting for our orders to arrive, my little man enjoyed the "write-write" moments.  He was quite amazed of how his scribbles looked like.

His hands were full!! He simply just won't share his crayon, that's why.

We got their grilled pork chop ( I dunno why hubby has an addiction for pork chops? ) and their shrimp and ribs platter.  One entree was good for sharing already so we are talking of like good-for-four-heads meal here.  And to pay for just one, that was such a great offer!! Both entree were perfectly done, kuddos to Burgoo.   Honey and little man loved everything!

The father and his mini-me!

We finished the day with a couple of photo opps.  The little man knew where to pose!  He is a fan of Cars and Kung Fu Panda!


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