Sunday, June 26, 2011

Max's Chicken-All-You-Can

Last year when it was launched, I had the misfortune of missing Max's chicken-all-you-can promo.  That's why when my BIL kuya Edwin announced that the family will be going to Max's to have our share of sarap-to-the-bones promo, I did not resist.  I reserve Sundays for catching up on pages left in my book so going out is often a no-no, but it's Max's chicken-all-you-can we are talking here, baby! And I am not allowing myself to miss this promo again!

We arrived there a bit late for the 6:00 "call time" so the scenario of long queue and us landing the 9th spot on the waiting list did not surprise us at all.  I was impressed though that they really started on time, for one of the ways you can tell that the chicken feast is on would be the Max's dancing crew.  I do not know what the dancing is for.  If it was for entertainment, then they should rather slash it off the promo for people with complaining tummies won't be entertained with any form of dancing, I should say. I must commend how they call out names from the waiting list.  Once, twice, thrice and no one claiming the slot, you are out of the game.  So you rather be there waiting even if you so desire to go out to get some fresh air, or regret on the last minute.  For even though you were listed, if you were not there when your name was called, you will be down to the last spot again. Tsk tsk tsk.

After just a short twenty minutes of waiting since they had the dance number, we were called.  We were assisted to our long table.  A couple of minutes more,  first batch of the famous home-cooked chicken started arriving.  And the second serving, and the third, and the fourth, and to some, their fifth.  For a price of 199 pesos, and with a Pepsi drink or an iced tea to go with it, what more can you ask for?  That is why to date, Max's holds the record of "the biggest eat-all-you-can promotion ever launched by a single fast-casual dining restaurant in the Philippines".  How cool is that? And here comes another treat:  they also give 20 peso money coupon for every 200 peso spent during the promo (which can be used starting July 11).  It's like binusog ka na, sinuklian ka saan ka pa?

We first took pictures while waiting for the first serving of the famous Max's fried chicken.

My very first piece of Max's chicken-all-you-can!!

Max's home-cooked style  fried chicken will never ever be complete without this.

The caramel bar served as our dessert, or in other words, tanggal umay.  After which, we were back to the chicken fight, err, chicken feast again.

Sarap to the bones indeed!

Obviously, all of us were satisfied with Max's fried chicken... and the doggies back home will be having their own version of Max's promo, too!


  1. Where do they get all those chickens :)

    Thanks for the heads up... I'm sure, we are going to pay a visit too ^^

  2. Why Jufran? In the Max's we went to, it's Max's "house" ketchup.


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