Monday, July 18, 2011

Children Learn As They Live

My big man was cleaning the bodega one hot Sunday afternoon, a chore he loves doing because it is his way of relaxation.  Funny because it's the total opposite for me.  Just the thought of facing all the junk and mess in that bodega makes me want to throw up, stresses me out, and tempts me to invite a mild migraine attack so to have an excuse for not facing it.  Good thing the bodega chore enjoys him a lot, and so I am saved.  Every now and then, he would hand me a piece of whatever junk.  That gesture was his silent way of asking me which of the stuff he was giving me has to go.  I gave my nod to the souvenirs and tokens received from parties, old toys beyond repair, magazines, newspapers, etcetera.  They once served their purpose and now they have to say goodbye for they contribute a lot (but no thanks!) to our already cluttered place. Then he gave me this piece of paper that had a beautiful message written there so I told him no, not this one.  Not this piece of paper.  As I read the message, I told myself I should blog this and share this to everyone--parents, grandparents, even  teenagers.  Because the message said a lot on how big our role is to children.  That being with them, even for just a minute or for their entire growing years,  we contribute a lot to their well-being.


A child that lives in ridicule
learns to be timid

A child that lives with criticism
learns to condemn

A child that lives with distrust
learns to be deceitful

A child that lives with antagonism
learns to be hostile

A child that lives with affection
learns to love

A child that lives with encouragement
learns confidence

A child tht lives with encouragement
learns confidence

A child that lives with truth
learns justice

A child that lives with sharing
learns to be considerate

A  child that lives with knowledge
learns wisdom

A child that lives with patience
learns to be tolerant

A child that lives with happiness
will find love and beauty.


  1. everything written here was true, and i guess every parent should know and teach it to their children. to make it all short, adults should be a good example to kids ryt... ^_^

  2. i agree with this 'A child that lives with affection learns to love"

    btw i've tagged you on this post


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