Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gabby's 7th Birthday Bash

As I write this, everybody is still outside partying. It's Gabby's 7th birthday party, thus it's a children's party, but look what time it is! It is already 12:10 in the morning and the sounds, the lights, the drinks and the pulutans are still very much alive. And so are the manginginoms. This is what I like about being Pinoy--extended parties!! Just like now, it's a children's party in the afternoon and drinking session for the adults at night. We Filipinos are always like that.

Anyways, as a gift to the lovable and adorable Gabby, I made a special audio-visual presentation. I love compiling pictures in the form of a video and I make videos often, so processing Gabby's AVP was a piece of cake for me.

This video was presented during the party and I hope that everyone enjoyed viewing it.  And oh, if any of you wants something like this for your event (birththday, anniversary, corporate and business presentation), I can be of service to you.  I charge fair enough (trust me, you will be surprised with my rate).  Just get in touch with me. 

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