Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Migo Birthday Project: Week 1



Let's get this straight: I am not getting a party planner. I know I can do this. I will handle the event by myself and I am certain I can pull it off. So on my first day of The Migo Birthday Project, I surfed the net to get ideas from experienced mommies out there who willingly shared their party-planning experiences. And where else can I ask for help, but my cyber homes- Girltalk and Smartparenting forums.

Based on what I read from these mommy-friendly forums, there are three major things to consider in handling a kiddie event: host, venue set up and food. So on my first day, I made a list of the highly recommended hosts and party decorator. As for the food, hubby and I agreed to get our suking caterer.

For the host, I considered Symond among others. I haven't seen him perform in any of the parties I attended, but since he is one of the most recommended, I texted him at once and asked if he would be available on my date. Lucky me, he is open. Good!

For the venue set up, I am considering
-Party Boosters
-Mr. Balloonatix
-The Comcept Queen
-The balloon artist recommended by Kyle's Balloons and Party needs in 168 mall (I failed to get his name)

I have yet to read feedbacks about them before I finally settle for who. For the meantime, I will go back to the forums to read, ask, and read some more about party planning.


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