Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Migo Birthday Project: Week 2


Moshi Moshi!

I have been busy with emails from four of the balloon artists, and so far I am impressed with Mr.Ballonatix. He's been bearing with my kakulitan, and he is prompt in answering my texts and messages in his Multiply site. Not to mention he has the lowest rate among the artists I emailed. Judging from the pictures posted in his Multiply, his works are great too. So this week, I deposited the downpayment for Mr.Balloonatix and also for Symond the host so they can block my date already.

Hubby and I went to Divisoria for tokens and giveaways. We headed to Divisoria Mall basement area where almost all party needs are being sold. My eyes feasted on the colorful merchandise and for a while I was mental blocked for I did not know where to start. Good thing I was able to regain my focus and I gathered the things I needed- party hats, name tags, pinata, birthday banner, mini puzzles, mini notepads, sticker booklets, pencils and bubbles. Then we headed next to 168 Mall and there bought face towel as an added token. Last thing we bought were nice paper bags to put all these tokens. All these are good for 30 kids, and all these are Mickey Mouse.

Trip to Divisoria is always tiring, yet so much fun. Can't wait for my next Divi tour. Promise, I will go back after Migo's birthday.


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