Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Migo Birthday Project: Week 3


Hi yáll!

Honey and I agreed to get a photographer but little did he know that I am considering a videographer as well. I was torn between Sophia Photgraphy and Thor Kids Productions. But since we are in a tight budget, photographer is what we can only afford. But my mind is telling me otherwise because it would be nice if Migo gets to watch what exactly happened during his first birthday. So in other words, I decided to get the video package as well without honey knowing it. Budget will be from my own pocket, my gift to our little one. I chose Thor.

This week was a busy one for this week marked my final week for preparations. Next week will be my beauty rest week. I need it. I definitely do.

Monday, I finished printing the invites and distributed them to our guests. I also finished printing the Mickey stuff (ears, gloves, jumper and shoes) to be cut out and sticked to the entrance gate leading to the venue.

Tuesday, I deposited downpayment to Thor and to CCME,our caterer.

Wednesday, we went to Divisoria to buy minor and major prizes for the games

Thursday, we had the tarpaulin printed. We have two tarps-one as stage backdrop and the other one as red carpet backdrop (we will be having a DIY red carpet / photo booth)

Friday, I prepared the colognes we will be giving away along with other tokens. I also bought knick knacks as added tokens, and the ones to be put inside the pinata.

Saturday, I packed all the tokens and put them all inside their paper bags. I also wrapped the major and minor prizes.

Sunday, I finalized the guest list.

In between, I did the AVP.

Whew! That put pressure on me, but still I am enjoying every second of it!

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