Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Migo Birthday Project: Last Day of Preps


Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

Sunday today, the day before the project. Even if a lot were done and prepared already days prior today, this day was the real "pressure"day. Final check up on everything was not easy. It was incredibly exhausting.

Honey took care of the "man jobs"- fixing the faucet of the guests' washroom, hanging the tarpaulins and putting the banderitas. I did the soft ones-decorated the kiddie tables, transferred the tokens to the venue, and finalized with the suppliers. In the afternoon, we went to the grocery to buy additional hotdogs, mallows, paper plates, cups, spoons and forks.

My brother Mackoy, who will be incharge of the DIY photobooth, came here to prepare and road test his work. The outcome was a nice one.

Before I go to bed today, I will fit my dress so to check what shoes go with it. And that would be my last activity for the day.

Bet my excitement for my little one's birthday tomorrow will make me wide awake the whole night. But please, don't! I want to look pretty and glam tomorrow, not haggard and tired.


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